How To Find and Use Female Mentors for Your Business

Find and Use Female Mentors for Your Business


To run a successful small business, along with adequately protecting your business with small-business insurance, it helps to learn from another successful business owner. Finding a mentor sympathetic to women business owners’ particular difficulties can be challenging. Finding a mentor is essential for women who are prepared to expand their ventures and take the entrepreneurial world by storm.

Why do you need a mentor in business?

A female mentor in business can be helpful in many ways. To begin, a thriving female business owner can be an inspiring example. Seeing and celebrating successful women business owners is crucial because it is difficult to get what is not visible. When it comes to business connections and management, a female mentor can be an invaluable resource.

It’s different for men or women, no matter how successful they are. While males running their businesses might not have to worry about being viewed seriously by potential employees, this could be a significant problem for women in business. 

In addition to being an excellent resource for building your network, a female mentor can be beneficial. Creating new business connections is one of the main goals of networking. Connecting with a female business mentor can help you meet other successful women in the company and build your network.

Consider your goals for the mentorship experience.

What benefits do you anticipate from a mentoring relationship? This question should be answered before you approach a potential female mentor. There are two main ways in which this method can be helpful. To begin, it facilitates your search for an ideal female role model. Second, once the connection is made, it can formulate a strategy. 

What you want to gain from a mentoring partnership with a successful woman in business may ultimately depend on you, your company, and your unique life circumstances. Some ladies might wish to become experts in a particular field. However, many might benefit from hearing strategies for juggling the responsibilities of parenthood, marriage, and business ownership.

Looking for the One

The next step is to compile a list of potential role models who are women in business. You may have someone in mind already, which would make this process much more manageable. If you are at a loss where to begin, look up ladies who work in your field.

For example, if you run an online retail business, you should seek a partner in the same industry. Your perfect job path might also be planned out. What are your long-term objectives for the company? One option is to open a physical storefront, while another is to develop a franchise system. Find a successful businesswoman who can mentor you while you work toward your next objective. That way, she’ll be able to help you and offer advice from personal experience.


Once you’ve settled on one or two suitable mentors, you can begin communicating with them. In some situations, women already know and respect the people they would like to have as mentors in their lives. 

You don’t have to know her beforehand for her to be an excellent mentor, though. Some mentors and mentees even live in separate cities, so they rely on email and phone calls as their primary means of contact. When beginning a new friendship or connection, honesty goes a long way.

Justify your admiration and interest in learning from the female business owner by telling her so. Many female experts are pleased to pass on their knowledge to others. A few thoughtful praises are appropriate; nevertheless, you should avoid being overly effusive. Maintaining decorum and setting the tone for a professional, businesslike partnership is crucial.

Keep the connection alive

Failure to follow through after initiating contact is a significant barrier for women seeking business mentorship from other women. Don’t approach a successful businesswoman and casually ask if she will mentor you. Maintain your connection by staying in touch consistently after the initial contact. Therefore, the mentor’s role is simplified.

Since successful businesswomen are typically busy, daily phone calls are probably not in the cards. You should, however, write an email, send a text message, or leave a voicemail to ask detailed inquiries. Instead of being vague, a straightforward request will enable the professional ladies you’re talking to understand what you’re looking for. Keep going if your first few requests are ignored. Instead of bothering your mentor with inquiries, update them on your accomplishments and growth.

Female entrepreneurs who give back to the community

Many women in business find that having female mentors is helpful for their development. Fewer women, however, than males consider taking on the mentor role. Share your newfound knowledge with other women to continue the upward spiral of empowerment. Women who have recently started their enterprises can still assist other women in doing the same. 

Helping a young woman find a mentor also encourages her to think outside the traditional job paths. Having a successful businessperson as a mentor is an excellent method to gain insight into running a company and thriving in a challenging industry. A female business mentor may be an excellent resource for knowledge, support, and encouragement as a woman entrepreneur.

How to Find a Female Mentor

Women serving as role models would help many people succeed in the workplace. Finding a mentor might be difficult because many people need help knowing where to start.

Start with Shared Activities

Sharing common interests is a great way to ease into a mentoring relationship. Employees may reflect on the hobbies and interests they now pursue or would like to develop. Be a part of a thriving alumni community. Participate in a community service project. Have some post-work pickleball fun? True crime shows, huh? If you and your partner share a hobby, that’s a great place to start getting to know each other.

Utilize Your Networks in the Workplace

There are now more opportunities than ever for professionals to network and share knowledge online. Interest groups on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites are just as functional as online networking platforms like LinkedIn for facilitating professional interactions. Making a cold call to a stranger who is also a professional can be intimidating. 

Making that initial connection through a social media group is a significant first step toward a smoother introduction. A female sommelier, for instance, might find like-minded professionals through an Instagram sessions group.


The first step in selecting a mentor is identifying a woman in the workplace whose competence and knowledge the employee admires, whose professional style the employee aspires to adopt, or who possesses excellent character attributes. The worker should then approach the woman and ask her to mentor them.

Use Female Mentors for Your Business

1. Boost your self-assurance 

Nearly two-thirds of males believe they can create firms, according to the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor U.S. Report; however, fewer than half of women share this belief. Despite having similar training and expertise, this is the case. Encouragement from a mentor can help you overcome your fears. 

They instill assurance by providing direction when you launch your small business. They can also assist you in distinguishing between reasonable concerns and groundless worries, so you can devote more energy to avoiding frequent pitfalls encountered by startups.

2. Give you funding guidance

The numbers showing how much women dislike asking for financial help are astounding. One study found that women are more inclined to wait until they have saved up some money before asking for financial assistance. 

This makes it difficult for women to start and grow successful businesses, as just 19% of angel funding and 6% of venture capital go to female entrepreneurs. If you need financial assistance, a mentor can advise you on approaching potential funders and even urge you to do so.

3. Expand your network

As a result, women are at a significant disadvantage in the workplace since they have fewer contacts and resources than men. Entrepreneurs with extensive and varied networks are shown to be more successful. 

In addition, women are more likely to turn to close loved ones for guidance, such as their husbands and sisters, while males are more likely to consult their social and professional circles. If you’re looking to build your professional network and obtain introductions to other key players in your industry, a mentor may be able to help you do just that.

Benefits of a Female Mentor

Leaders, in today’s fast-paced, always-evolving professional landscape, must develop the ability to stay calm under pressure. Through their professional experiences, mentors know what qualities their mentees should cultivate to become influential leaders. 

Character qualities, like abilities, affect an individual’s behaviour, such as their willingness to lie, to make a tough decision, to apologize to a colleague, to make up for past mistakes, and so on. In contrast to talents, character traits originate intrinsically in a person and serve as a guide for how that person will behave when under stress.


The practice of women mentoring women is crucial because it gives the latter more excellent agency and self-assurance in a traditionally male-dominated workplace. Having more women in positions of power boosts an organization’s ability to adapt to new circumstances and improves the quality of decisions made.


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