Advice for People in their 20s – From People in Their 30s

Ever wished for a helpful guide filled with advice when you turned 20? Here it is, just a bit late perhaps. This is jam-packed with wisdom from people who have been through their 20s and learned a lot along the way. Now in their 30s, they’re passing their learned lessons back to you. Join us as we dive into tips on careers, relationships, health, finance, and personal growth. Expect some surprising and entertaining insights along the way!


Our 20s are a time of exploration and growth. The career advice here comes from the experience of those who’ve navigated the ups and downs of work.

While passion should drive our choices, practical concerns matter too. There will be twists and turns, so don’t get locked into one path.

The insights cover balancing individual goals and societal expectations, continuous learning, and maintaining work-life balance. They provide a compass for early career decisions, keeping the end goal in mind – finding fulfilling work aligned with our values.

Don’t compare yourself to others or get sucked into competition. Focus on improving yourself.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Define success on your own terms, not someone else’s. Compete with yourself to be better than you were yesterday.

Find work you find meaningful and fulfilling. Don’t just chase money or status.

Living a meaningful life is more important than climbing the corporate ladder. Find work you feel passionate about that also pays the bills. Money alone won’t make you happy.

Don’t be afraid to switch careers or learn new skills. Your 20s are a good time to explore.

Your 20s are for exploration. Don’t feel trapped in one career path. It’s normal to switch jobs or even industries as you figure out what you enjoy. Take chances, acquire new skills. You have time to pivot.


Relationships – the connections we forge with others – largely shape our lives. The bonds built in our 20s lay the foundation for the decades ahead. With open hearts but wise minds, we can cultivate relationships that nourish our souls.

Don’t rush into marriages or long-term relationships. Take your time.

Great relationships take time to grow. Cohabiting and traveling together exposes your compatibility beyond the honeymoon phase. Make big commitments when you know someone well.

Look for someone who respects you and your loved ones.

You and your partner don’t have to share the same family values. But basic respect for each other’s loved ones fosters understanding and prevents unnecessary conflict.

Don’t stay in unhappy relationships due to sunk cost fallacy. Think about your future.

Don’t let time already invested keep you stuck in an unhappy relationship. Cutting losses may be hard, but the pain is temporary. Choosing your long-term well-being takes courage and will pay off.

Health and Wellness

Health is wealth, as the saying goes. Our physical, mental and emotional well-being fuels our ability to thrive in life. Investing in self-care in our 20s pays dividends for decades to come.

Eat healthy, avoid too much junk food and sugar.

You are what you eat. A nutrient-rich diet fortifies the body against disease while powering the mind. Resist junk’s siren call – those momentary highs lead to crashing lows.

Get good sleep and manage stress. Make time to relax.

Sleep recharges the whole system. Don’t burn the candle at both ends. All work and no play strains the mind. Build in time to decompress and rejuvenate.

Wear sunscreen daily. Start proper skincare routine.

Wrinkles and sunspots announce: “I partied hard and neglected my skin!” Prevent premature aging by slathering on sunscreen every morning. A diligent routine keeps the complexion glowing.


Navigating the financial waves in your 20s can feel like sailing in uncharted waters. But cultivating wise money habits early on can pave the way for a fiscal journey that’s less turbulent and more rewarding. Here are some nuggets of wisdom to steer you on this course.

Start saving and investing as early as possible, even small amounts.

Mastering the art of saving is like taming an unruly beast. The sooner you start, the easier it is to manage. Even if your savings seem as tiny as a breadcrumb, remember, every mighty oak was once a tiny acorn.

Avoid debt from credit cards. Live within your means.

Credit cards are like double-edged swords. They make life easier, but misuse can lead you down a slippery slope. Debt hangs around longer than a vampire in a horror movie. Make sure your lifestyle fits your income, not your credit limit.

Learn about personal finance. Manage your own money.

Financial literacy is not a luxury but a necessity. Don’t depend on a magic genie (also known as a financial advisor) to take care of your money. Understand where it comes from, where it goes, and how to grow it. Google is a good teacher and doesn’t charge tuition!

Personal Development

The journey of personal development is a lifelong exploration. Yet, the foundational steps taken in our 20s can significantly shape the path ahead. Developing our sense of self, setting boundaries, cultivating gratitude and maintaining a thirst for knowledge can significantly enrich our life’s narrative.

Develop confidence and good self-esteem. Don’t rely too much on others’ opinions.

Self-confidence is like the high-quality fuel that your life engine runs on. It powers you to tackle life’s hurdles. Remember, not everyone is a critic; some are just airing their opinions. Hitch your self-esteem to your achievements and growth, not outside judgement.

Have strong boundaries. Learn to say no without guilt.

‘No’ is a complete sentence. It’s not a debris-riddled battleground where you owe explanations. Setting boundaries isn’t about being selfish; it’s essential self-care. So, get comfortable with saying ‘no’, minus the side-order of guilt.

Be grateful. Appreciate what you have now.

A daily dose of gratitude is a magic potion. It turns the ordinary into extraordinary, shifting your focus from lack to abundance. Gratitude makes you realize that right here, right now, you have enough.

Never stop learning and exploring new things.

Stay hungry, stay curious. Knowledge and experiences are the spices of life. Mix them well and life serves us an endlessly varied buffet. Intellectual stagnation is a silent nightmare; keep your mind awake and alive.


Asserting Boundaries: How to Handle Unwanted Advances at Work

Navigating a career isn’t just about meeting KPIs or achieving milestones. In India, as across the world, many women find that their journey involves warding off unsolicited advances or inappropriate remarks, often from male colleagues. Be it a cashier enduring flirtatious comments during a long shift or a salaried employee striving to be just another team member, each woman’s experience speaks to a shared struggle. Alarmingly, resorting to wearing a fake wedding ring is a commonly employed tactic to discourage these unwanted pursuers.

The Thorny Stretch

“There’s no peace during my shift,” a cashier from Delhi recounts. “As soon as there’s a lull, men start offering compliments or asking for my number.” It paints a troubling picture of workplaces across India, tainted by unsolicited advances that disrupt the comfort zone. The persistence of these men remains shockingly unfazed, even when faced with explicit expressions of discomfort or rejection.

“A colleague at my office just wouldn’t take a hint,” shares a woman recounting her ordeal with persistent stalking. “Neither my wedding band nor my clarification about being happily married could deter him.” These aren’t mere irritants; they evolve into situations that can be terrifying. Worse still, some harassers cross the line, sneaking in inappropriate touches under the pretense of accidental contact.

Deciphering the Language of Veiled Moves

Indian women are no strangers to resourcefulness. Artificial wedding rings become potent symbols of unavailability. Yet, it’s disheartening that such tokens often carry more weight than a woman’s own verbal objections.

“I’ve changed my appearance, tried to look less appealing,” admitted a woman, weary from constant harassment. These drastic actions underscore the sad reality of pervasive inequality and objectification plaguing workplaces across India.

Why should any woman have to resort to subterfuge to command respect and safety? Are hypothetical male ‘claims’ given more credence than a woman’s explicit refusal? It’s questions like these that need urgent attention.

Rewriting the Narrative

These stories expose a disturbing trend—a woman’s ‘no’ is consistently ignored or trivialised. Whether a woman is married or single should not dictate the level of respect she is given. Her ‘no’ should be enough, an assertion that should be universally recognised.

Many women internalise the blame for the inappropriate behaviour they encounter, even when the harasser shows blatant disregard for their feelings. Indian society needs to cease normalising such toxic conduct and start respecting women’s personal space and autonomy. The change demands not just acknowledgment but an atmosphere that recognises a woman’s authority without labelling her as ‘abrasive’ or ‘ungrateful.’

Steps Towards Transformation

Given these challenges, how can women in India navigate around unwanted attention? Here are some strategies:

  1. Be firm, not apologetic. A clear and assertive ‘no’ can deter those who overstep boundaries.
  2. Report the incident to higher authorities without delay. “My manager was my savior,” recounts one fortunate woman. “I confided in her, and she took immediate action.”
  3. Stand your ground and confront the offender. “Don’t hesitate to call out harassers on the spot,” advises one brave individual.
  4. Clearly outline your boundaries. Respond to an inappropriate comment by stating, “Thank you, but this is not the place for such remarks. I’m here to work.”

The Journey Ahead

The struggle between maintaining one’s identity and fighting off harassment is an ongoing challenge for countless women in India. As we shatter ceilings and progress, we also carry with us our stories, our collective resilience, and our uncompromising stand against injustice. Together, we draw strength—a united resolve for respect and a safe workspace. A future where, finally, our ‘no’ is respected.

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Your dreams are important; Yuukke offers avenues to realise them through mentorship, learning partners, and women’s empowerment networks.

Today’s Indian woman juggles societal expectations with her own goals. Yuukke stands by her choices, connecting her to the right guidance, empowerment tools, mentors, and communities.


Voices of Modern Indian Women: Navigating Family Planning with Balance and Empowerment

There is an untold story of resilience and freedom behind Indian womanhood. We are referring to the evolving stance around family planning and elective sterilisation. As modern Indian women navigate societal expectations and personal dreams, they are not shying away from thoughtfully planning their futures. So let’s explore this issue with nuance and listen to these rarely heard stories.

Understanding the Nuances

Let’s acknowledge the truth – women in India live in cultural contexts where family is cherished. Although elective sterilisation offers certainty, it remains a sensitive topic tangled in societal norms. Terms like tubal ligation, which make many uncomfortable, refer to procedures done to prevent future pregnancies. Despite medical advancements, the path towards sterilisation contains dilemmas for the Indian woman.

Balancing Career and Motherhood

Indian women have the gift and expectation of motherhood, with several years dedicated to raising children. Yet many also have career aspirations. “I took a 9 year break after my second child before returning to work,” shares one woman on balancing both. This is the tightrope walk of family and ambition Indian women navigate daily.

Insights from Women’s Experiences

Behind every woman is a story of resilience.

“I waited until my kids were in school before considering sterilisation,” shares one mother who planned ahead.

“We only wanted two kids, so I got my tubes tied after our second child,” explains another who felt content.

These accounts reflect the care, planning and occasional regrets Indian women face in taking ownership of family planning while respecting their duties.

The Quest for Balance and Empowerment

In these voices, we detect the Indian woman’s desire for balance between personal growth and family. Although societal pressures exist, a gradual shift in attitudes is underway.

“Do what feels right for you and your family,” advocates one mother to others navigating this decision. This call for empowerment through understanding and openness reverberates among Indian women. It highlights the need for compassion, pragmatic solutions and evolving social mindsets aligned with modern realities.

Supporting Women’s Journeys

To drive change, one must recognise women’s right to choose and cultivate acceptance. This starts with comprehending options, knowing your rights, appreciating duties, and challenging outdated norms – while retaining family values.

“I worked for 5 years after my graduation, then focused on raising kids. Now I’m restarting my career,” shares one woman on her rewarding journey. For Indian women, there are inspiring avenues to thrive in careers even after multi-year gaps.

Living Life on Her Terms

Opting for sterilisation or prioritising motherhood does not equate abandoning one’s femininity or aspirations. Rather, it involves a woman exercising her right to balance and author her life narrative on her terms, subtly shifting social perceptions.

As one mother explains, “You can be a nurturing mom and a successful professional if you plan well.”

Sterilisation or other options do not alter the essence of an Indian woman – they strengthen her self-determination.

Our mission continues. Indian women are weaving inspiring stories, evolving attitudes mindfully. With every voice heard and choice respected, we edge towards empowerment. For the modern Indian woman, being heard is only the beginning. She deserves the freedom to harmonise her duties and ambitions on her own terms. The world needs to listen.

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