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Rakhi Kapoor

DWI Maternity Studio, Derby
Author of about 23 books in total with 4 Amazon India best sellers


Rakhi published her first book, “The Girl Who Was Left Behind” in 2017 – a story that was transcribed from her personal experience in Nepal.Since then, in a span of six years Rakhi has published twenty five books on various topics in both fiction and nonfiction category. Through her books Rakhi ideates and arrives at simple solutions for several complicated and often-neglected issues like self-help, relationships, mental health, childbirth and pregnancy. Her books capture a unique blend of a traditional and innovative approach for modern life.

Four of her books topped the best seller chart in its category on Amazon India. Her book Expecting Daddy Delivers is the first of its kind for Indian men which has been translated into Hindi titled “Behtar Pati Behataren Pita”.

Her latest (25th book) “Now You Breathe” overcoming toxic relationships and abuse published in October 2022 is causing ripples and has been nominated for various National and International awards. 
Rakhi has been awarded the Best Author of the Year 2022 at the National Achiever’s Awards in New Delhi at the Constitution club of India .

She has received the Exceptional women of Excellence Award by Yuukke, a global ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.

Apart from being recognized as an author, she is also a renowned physiotherapist and prenatal counsellor specializing in antenatal care for over two decades. Rakhi’s Entrepreneurial skills take her through various start-up ventures.

Her own traumatic encounters made her take up Antenatal classes for pregnant women. Antenatal being a foreign concept it required her to be on her toes. She embraced it and now she is one of the most successful people in her field.

She is the pioneer in the concept of antenatal counselling sessions in South India. With over two decades of experience, she has reached out to thousands of couples through her centre called Dwi Maternity Studio in Chennai which focuses on antenatal care for expecting couples.
Rakhi Kapoor also co-founded the popular Men’s Fashion Brand called Derby along with her husband head quartered at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

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