A Global Ecosystem created for women by women

Exchange ideas, information, products and services
Gain knowledge and grow

A Global Ecosystem created for women by women

ideas, information,products/services
gain knowledge and grow

Why Yuukke

Connecting Women and Women Communities globally

We believe in the power of connecting with other women to better our lives and to create opportunities for the next generation of women. The Yuukke helps you do just that digitally through its Yuukke App. You can use your skills and talents to benefit the women global community through coalition-building, networking and knowledge sharing. Yuukke is a women-only, global business network and marketplace that empowers each member to reach her greatest potential. Our focus is on women to provide them an exclusive space to connect, share, collaborate and grow.
  • Help each other
  • Grow and scale their businesses
  • Scale professional skills.

More and more women are joining every day
so what are you waiting for ?

Get involved

 All women are welcome to join, including potential partners, mentors,
coaches, business collaborators and professionals.

Become a Member

When we work together, We’re an Unstoppable force for Women’s economic Empowerment. The Yuukke helps you build and run your community, digitally through its Yuukke App.Access to tools and resources to help you achieve your goals.An inclusive circle of like-minded peers who can help you gain more confidence in your abilities.

Become a Mentor

Get Involved to Play a Pivotal Role in Women’s Business or Professional Growth at a Critical Stage of her Life. We can’t do any of this without your support—we need people like you who believe in our mission of helping women become self-sufficient so they can have a better future for themselves and their families.

Community Partnerships

Support of Institutions and Foundations will enable us To Empower Many Women Entrepreneurs.Be Part of a Woman Entrepreneur’s Business Growth Story.Each of us has an opportunity to take part in creating prosperity for others—it just takes a little bit of our time and effort. The choice is yours

What we do

Be in charge of your growth ; The tribe of strong women, with you.

Business Networking

The platform has various groups for members to join to connect with like-minded women. While this allows them to foster new friendships and professional connections, it also gives them access to unique opportunities.

Market Place Access

A curated marketplace that gives members access to selling and buying specialised products and services, events, courses in their field of interest. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to seize this opportunity and trade on the platform to reach a global audience.

Build your Community

Yuukke provides flexible community management tools like learning hub, feedback and micro groups to connect ,engage and empower your members. Empowered Community members can help peers and keep them updated with community activities.

Professional Development

By connecting to other professionals, women can access support from peers and experts, develop their skills and grow their careers by tapping into new markets.

Safe space to Ask help

Yuukke is a safe online community for only women. By bringing together women with different interests and goals, members can make genuine business connections, gain skills and grow their careers.

Business Growth Support

Members can find customers, brand ambassadors, partners, and investors. they can seek advice from seasoned, successful professionals and entrepreneurs. They can consult on how to start a business or write their first business plan.

Past events


10 DEC | 1600 - 1900 HRS | VIRTUAL


15 OCT | 2022 | 1700 - 1900 HRS

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