A 2-Day Conference that Aims to Create a Dent in Your Career!

Exclusively for women-led businesses around the world.

Event Date: August ## & ##, 2023 • Venue: ######, New Delhi

About the Conference

Beyond Barriers is a unique platform designed to promote women’s empowerment and inclusive economic growth through entrepreneurship in the digital innovation and sustainability sectors. The platform provides women entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, industry experts, and corporate execu- tives with opportunities for digital adoption, sustainable growth, funding, net- working, and global reach.

The summit will be a combination of virtual and in-person events. Attendees can benefit from networking opportunities, thought leadership sessions, in- teractive exhibits, and a global reach that attracts attendees and exhibitors from all over the world, mainly the Asia Pacific region.

Beyond Barriers offers a unique opportunity to connect with decision-makers, explore emerging trends, and establish valuable business relationships. The platform is an essential destination for companies looking to expand their business internationally, establish new partnerships, and promote inclusive growth through entrepreneurship.

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100+ Booths

Corporates can sponsor individual booths at the Expo or sponsor the swag bags given to participants.

2000+ Conference Attendees

Can take up Title or Panel or Keynote Speaker Sponsorship: Chance to ‘speak to the audience during the session.

100+ Business Pitch Competitors

Can take up Event sponsorship or Title prize award sponsorship and get a chance to show up before niche audience

100+ Investor & Mentor Meetups

Opportunity o interact with attendees and build relationships with potential customers.

5000+ Attendees for Industry Specific Virtual Events

Can take up Event sponsorship and get show up before niche audience

10000+ Users of Our Mobile App

Will get exclusive visibility by way of having its logo displayed on the splash screen & on event website and on app dedicated page

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Be a Part of This Journey

Inspire change and leave a legacy. By partnering with us, you become a catalyst for change. Your support enables us to create a platform where women can unleash their full potential, break barriers, and achieve remarkable success. To- gether, we will leave a lasting legacy of empow- erment, diversity, and inclusive growth.

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About Yuukke

Connecting women and women communities globally

Yuukke is a Mobile App driven Global Business Support Marketplace for women by women helping to grow their business- es and profession. Yuukke is on the mis- sion to bridge the digital divide and equi- table landscape by providing Safe Acces- sibility to digital facilities like –

  • Purposeful Networking
  • Go-to-market support
  • Marketplace for Products and Services Build their Communities
  • Access to Investors Global Market Linkages
  • Access to Mentorship and
  • Upskilling
  • Catalyze change in their communities

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