Karthika Gopalakrishnan

  • Karthika Gopalakrishnan, Senior Data Scientist, CGI Inc, Pittsburgh, USA


Worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Mastech Digital, where Karthika was responsible for developing and implementing software solutions for clients in the healthcare and financial industries

Successfully designed and built Machine Learning solutions using scikit-learn, pandas, TensorFlow, Keras, etc. to derive insights from data.

Created and maintained optimal data pipeline architecture and assembled large, complex data sets that met functional/non-functional business requirements.

Developed and implemented complex strategic technology products to business teams using technology solutions such as Blue Prism Robotics Processing
Automation software, Alteryx cross-platform document-oriented database programs, data analytics engines, and open-source technologies.

Managed a team of application program architects across the US for the banking domain and led POCs for Machine Learning and Intelligent Automation Tools.

Delivered high-quality, timely, and maintainable RPA Intelligent Automation solutions in an agile environment using RPA Products – Automation Anywhere.